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Local Female Veteran Organizes Volunteers To Clean Veterans’ Grave Markers

Within Appleton’s historic Riverside Cemetery (714 North Owaissa Street) is a section specially reserved for veterans. The section is known as the George D. Eggleston Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Post No. 133
plot or Block M. Due to being subjected to varying weather conditions and their age many of the veterans’ grave markers in this section are covered with dirt, grime and/or are overgrown by earthly elements. Read More

Volunteers keep Memorial Day flag tradition going at Riverside Cemetery

The week before Memorial Day, volunteers placed flags on the graveof veterans at Riverside Cemetery. You can see the video and articleby clicking on the following links:


Riverside Cemetery honor fallen Veterans in special way


Green Space

The property previously occupied by Riverside Florist was purchased by Riverside Cemetery and has been converted to green space.



Thanks for help with parents’ arrangements column originally printed in the Appleton Post Crescent on March 1, 2019:

T.H.A.N.K.S. – but it isn’t just about your parents: https://www.transitionswithjean.com/blog-entry.php?q=69

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