Flower Services & Trusts

Flower Services:

Riverside Cemetery offers a variety of flower services. The following are annual flower service fees:

  • Flower Watering Service – $40.00
  • Flower Watering & Planting Service – $60.00
  • Fresh or Artificial Flowers – $40.00
  • Urn, Planting, & Watering Service – $90.00

    Riverside Cemetery 20 year Flower Trust

$2,000 – 20 year service includes:

  • Provide flower urn
  • Fresh black soil each spring
  • Blooming plants are planted each season
  • Water and pruning
  • Empty planter after frost
  • Place holiday wreath before Thanksgiving

Please be aware that plantings are not guaranteed due to the extreme variety of climate conditions during the blooming season, as well as activities by animals who periodically roam our grounds.