The Three Steps to Creating a Complete Funeral Plan

1. Collecting Statistical Information – It is important that your funeral home file includes your personal vital statistics. This information is used to fill out legal forms, required documents, and permits.

Ask your Cemetery Estate Planner for a planning guide that asks all of the pertinent questions. This will also help your loved ones compose your obituary.

2. Creating the Guide for Your Loved Ones to Follow – This Step is about mapping out exactly what you would like for your funeral services. This will include noting the type of service, the form of disposition, specific merchandise and details. Meeting with a Cemetery Estate Planner is essential in creating the guide. They know all of your options and can help you design the type of service that is unique to you and your personal choices.

3. Pre-Funding Your Plan – Once you’ve created and designed the service that fulfills your needs and your family’s needs, it’s important to determine how those wishes will be funded. This program will allow you to keep the funeral costs within your budget and will relieve any financial burden for your family or loved ones. Meeting with a Cemetery Estate Planner will give you the opportunity to see what payment options are available.

All three of these pieces can be accomplished in one simple visit with a Cemetery Estate Planner…each step makes things much easier for your survivors.

Pre-Planning guide for funeral arrangements